Visit Tautra!

On the lush island in the Trondheim fjord lies the ruins of a Cistercian abbey from the 13th century. Today there are not many stones left of what was once a large church. The large grassy plain in front of the church ruin is now empty, but was once the site of the monastery buildings, where the monks lived and worked.

What did it really look like when the monks sat in the cloister and read, when they pruned their fruit trees or walked sleepily down the night stairs for the first prayer of the day? That is what we have tried to visualize in this model.

Based on the few finds and sources we have, by comparing with other monasteries and by thinking and pondering, we have made a visualization of the St. Mary Monastery on Tautra as it may have looked in the early 13th century.

The project is a collaboration between Fortidsminneforeningen (The National Trust of Norway) and Tidvis AS and was made possible by support from Riksantikvaren (The Directorate for Cultural Heritage), Kulturrådet (The Arts Council Norway) and Nordenfjeldske Bykreditts Stiftelse.

The model is available as a downloadable 3D game and as a 360˚ tour. For use on mobile phones, we recommend the 360˚ tour. Safe journey!

Please visit Fortidsminneforeningen's website on Tautra for more information in English.

Please follow the links below to explore and experience the model. Note that the info tags included are currently only available in Norwegian.